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Dedicated to motivating others – fitting exercise and well-being into full-on lives

I am Lauren, a qualified pre and post natal personal trainer and group exercise instructor, Mum to a little tot, and someone who knows first hand it’s not easy fitting it all in.

Jam packed weekly routines, crammed workloads, ankle biters running rings around you, and battling a persistent tide of laundry – leading a healthy lifestyle can sometimes go out the window along with your sanity.

My aim is to offer support and guidance to people with lives full to the brim through my classes, health and fitness tips, short video work outs to follow in the privacy of your home, nutritional advice you can stick to, lifestyle hacks, and motivational support to make sure that no matter how chaotic life gets you don’t forget look to put time aside for YOU!

I’m excited that the past 9 months has seen my business evolve and flourish. I now run a variety of tailored fitness classes for Mums; from pregnancy fitness for Mums-to-be, post-natal fitness classes for Mums with babies in tow (soon to incorporate the beautiful Fornessi wraps), POUND™ evening classes for adults (an exciting new class using ripstix™ to beat away calories and everyday stresses), Active Mums & Tots sessions for Mums to come along to with their preschoolers, as well outdoor weekend Family Fitness bootcamp sessions for the whole family to join in the fun. I also offer personal training individual and group sessions. Please click here for more details on all class times and locations.

To coincide with this evolution, the brand name has now changed to Mum Fit Wonder – Fitness Designed For Mums. HIIT will always be a part of what I offer as there are so many benefits to these quick bursts of energy and on a personal level, HIIT workouts certainly suit my way of life. The new brand name encapsulates what I do on a more holisitic level and in general seems a better ‘fit’! 😉

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