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Wonder On Demand

Flexible and varied online fitness
£ 10 Monthly
  • Full access to over 200 workouts from the Fit Wonder fitness video library
  • Workouts include KettleBells, Cardio HIIT, Lower Body, Upper Body and Core. Zumba, Box Fit, Family Fit, HIIT Bands and Pound
  • 15 and 30 minute workout videos available

One Fit Wonder

Streaming, on-demand & in-person classes
£ 20-25 Monthly
  • 1 class per week of your choosing
  • Streaming, On-demand & In-person classes
  • Fitness Video Library for the class of your choosing (excluding Mum & Baby live classes) and a selection of recommended workouts to compliment

The MFW Pod

Streaming, on-demand & in-person classes
£ 30 Monthly
  • Unlimited live streaming, on-demand & in-person classes, hundreds of varied 15 min and 30 min workouts to choose from!
  • Exclusive access to private Facebook group, WhatsApp Community and video library
  • Links for live-streaming and on-demand classes
  • Short HIIT and Resistance workouts
  • Weekly Email with Online Workout Options, Meal Ideas and Recipes

Booking and Class FAQs

If you would like to do more than one class per week from the timetable, whether offline or online, the MFW Pod is for you. This membership enables you to book on to any in-person or online class for free via the booking system (please ensure you secure your space each week for your desired in-person class) AND gives you access to an exclusive community on Facebook and WhatsApp. Here you will be given Zoom links to each live streaming class you would like to attend as well as on-demand links for you to do the classes in your own time.

Only have 15 minutes? You can also follow short video workouts which are posted three times a week to the Facebook page. The monthly food plan, recipes and shopping list are also shared to this page to keep you motivated and inspired.

Need advice, guidance or a Mummy MOT to check for tummy gap or discuss any other prenatal or postnatal conditions? You can schedule a Zoom call with Lauren at any time. Simply email lauren@mumfitwonder.com or message via Facebook and she will happily schedule a free appointment with Zoom details.

If you would like to do one in-person class per week from the timetable, whether it’s Pound, Mum & Baby Indoor Fitness, or Mums Buggies & Tots Outdoor Fitness, the One Fit Wonder package is for you. This package enables you to select the in-person class you would like to attend regularly.

In-person classes run term time only. Once you have selected the in-person class of your choice, you must then book in each week via the Classes section of the site of via the Timetable to secure your space within the class as there are limited numbers allowed, this booking will not incur an additional charge. Outside of school terms, you will be offered an online alternative.

If you would like to do 15 or 30-minute workouts, whenever it suits, the Wonder On Demand package is for you. You can choose your class or workout from our on-demand library of over 200 videos to do in your own time.

As part of your membership subscription, you will be charged on the 1st of every month.

Not starting at the beginning of the month? Not a problem, you can still join. Your membership will be calculated on a pro rata basis so you are not overcharged.

You can book your space on to each individual in-person class via the booking links available. If you’re a member, you can book on without being charged.

If you’re booking PAYG you will be taken through to a booking page and will be charged per class. Your space is then secured in that class. If you are unable to attend the class, you are able to cancel up to 24 hours beforehand to free up your space.

If you are unable to attend the class, you are able to cancel up to 24 hours beforehand to free up your space. Get in touch.

Zoom meetings require a password, around 30 minutes each. Facebook Live and Instagram Live Sessions, around 10 minutes. YouTube Video Workouts are between 15-30 minutes.

I am Lauren, a qualified pre and post natal personal trainer and group exercise instructor, Mum to two active little tots, and someone who knows first hand it’s not easy fitting it all in.

Jam packed weekly routines, crammed workloads, ankle biters running rings around you, and battling a persistent tide of laundry – leading a healthy lifestyle can sometimes go out the window along with your sanity.

My aim is to offer support and guidance to people with lives full to the brim through my classes, health and fitness tips, short video work outs to follow in the privacy of your home, nutritional advice you can stick to, lifestyle hacks, and motivational support to make sure that no matter how chaotic life gets you don’t forget look to put time aside for YOU!

I’m excited that the past few years have seen my business evolve and flourish. I now run a variety of tailored fitness classes for Mums; from pregnancy fitness for Mums-to-be, post-natal fitness classes for Mums with babies in tow, Stretch & Tone classes (Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi techniques to build strength and improve balance with pelvic floor and core restoration and conditioning), POUND™ evening classes for adults (an exciting new class using ripstix™ to beat away calories and everyday stresses), Parents & Tots sessions for parents to either workout online together or come along to an outdoor fitness session with their preschoolers, as well  Family Fitness online sessions for the whole family to join in the fun. Rock Bands is also a new format I have just added to my online timetable, a whole body workout to music incorporating resistance bands for the entire duration, including warm up and sretches. I also offer personal training individual and group sessions. Please click here for more details on all class times, costs and locations for in-person classes and training sessions.

If you want to find out more about or are interested in booking a class: