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Live Life, Love Life

“Love the life you live, live the life you love”
– Bob Marley

22-lauren-fitness-shoot-web-squareSo this is me – in a nutshell, a certified Carshalton-based Advanced Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, specialised in Ante and Post Natal Fitness and trained in HIIT, POUND™ (exercise with drumsticks) and ETM (exercise to music) as well as Mum to two lovely little tots named Theo and Elsie.

For years, fitness has been a constant and in many ways my saviour in life.  Having never excelled at sports at school and always the last to be picked for team sports (my Dad loves to tell the story of a school sports day when he had to help me pass the finishing line in the egg and spoon race!), my passion for fitness was only really cemented in my twenties when I turned to running with a post break-up ruthless determination to reach a fitness goal of 5k without passing out or collapsing in a heap somewhere on the side of the road.. #goals

2963_100122000545_895964_nAfter achieving my ultimate running goal of the London Marathon in 2009 (woop!), it unfortunately heralded the start of a very bad and persistent knee injury (not so big woop).  However, stubborn as an ox, I refused to let it stop me and have continued to replace running with other cardio activity in the gym, yoga and HIIT disciplines, as well as learning to teach others.

dsc_8446I trained in teaching pre and post natal exercise and tried as best I could to stay active throughout my pregnancy with Theo, and became a massive fan of pregnancy yoga. It wasn’t always easy, let’s face it, hauling your increasingly more plump behind to the gym is no mean feat whilst pregnant, but I did enough exercise to make me feel good about myself, to keep my energy levels up to improve circulation and blood flow for myself and the baby, and also to make use of those yoga breathing techniques during a 36 hour labour!

After giving birth and with a post-natal teaching certificate, I ran local buggy classes on my maternity leave, meeting some lovely ladies who I am lucky to now have as steadfast friends.

However, I made the decision to go back to full time work in the city which meant that exercise became something I had to squeeze in to a pretty hectic life, my “me time”. With a very active toddler and a mountain of never-ending household work to do (anyone else’s washing basket like the magic refilling goblet from Harry Potter?),  I became religiously regimented with fitness.

My realisation over the years is that life is too short to not follow your heart and where your passion lies… fitness has helped me so much in life, so I decided to give up my job in the media industry to devote myself to sharing and helping others feel better about themselves too. Since leaving full-time work I have become trained and qualified in Advanced Personal Training, HIIT, Exercise to Music, Pound and qualified in the principles of Yoga, Tai chi and Pilates.

I know first-hand it’s not easy fitting it all in, it’s easy to put health and fitness on the backburner whilst we go about our jam-packed, conveyor belt, headless chicken lives, but I promise you it can be done! Just a few small and realistic changes a week to your routine and food shopping behaviour, and both your physical and mental well-being will benefit and I’m here to help you.

My aim is to offer support and guidance to people with lives full to the brim with workloads, kids and jam packed weekly routines through my classes and PT sessions, health & fitness tips as well as videos to follow in the privacy of your home via my blogs and social media pages, nutritional advice you can stick to, and motivational support to keep going when life gets on top of you.

I’m also running a variety of indoor classes in the Surrey area to suit all fitness needs for Mums-to-be, Mums with babies, Mums with toddlers and Mums who just want a bit of that “me time”, as well as outdoor fitness sessions for the whole family.

img_2771You’ve only got one life to lead – choose to enjoy it. Sometimes life isn’t easy, my advice is to let go of the stuff that is out of your control. Your health and happiness are two things you can take ownership of and trust me, focusing on them is what will lead to a longer and more fulfilled life in the long run. Love life and love yourselves.

Lauren x


These are a selection of classes I have on offer. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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