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Beginner’s Guide to Resistance Training

One of the main barriers for women seems to be body image. There is a misconception that strength training will lead to a bulked up frame, when the reality is that women have much lower levels of testosterone than men so it is actually much harder for women to bulk up. Women will develop muscle tone and definition without the size.

Another barrier I seem to come across as a PT is that slow -paced steady movement appears counterintuitive for women when they’re thinking about burning fat. HIIT became popular in the 2010s and was widely regarded as the go-to workout for a quick fix so women have come to prioritise these short intense bursts of activity. What many don’t know is that weight training actually burns calories while you are resting. So the step-on-the-scale immediacy after an intense workout can be somewhat misleading; in reality what is initially lost is most likely water than fat at this point.  To read more….Weight Training for Beginners – My 220 Article

Combination Resistance Training Moves – Mum Fit Wonder YouTube link