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Can you exercise safely while pregnant

Of course you can! Despite all the evidence to the contrary, there is a certain stigma surrounding exercise in pregnancy that women feel they should stop exercising altogether for fear of hurting their fetus. Exercising in pregnancy has not only proven beneficial for the mother-to-be, it also has a positive

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The Benefits of Postpartum Pilates

Once Mums have given birth, whether vaginal or c-section, they often ask what is the best exercise to start building back their strength. It can be a daunting prospect re-entering the world of fitness but there is no need to rush as it’s more important to enjoy the journey during

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My Fertility Journey

Fertility and exercise; ever the complicated relationship. How much exercise actually helps or hinders your chances of falling pregnant. Finding the right balance is not always easy and bringing the subject to the forefront of my mind still triggers raw emotions for me.  The other day “I will wait for

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Wonder Bump Antenatal Exercises

I’ve handpicked a few of my favourite antenatal exercises which I did at home during my own pregnancy and also now incorporate into my pregnancy fitness classes. The advantage being that you can do these in the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

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