Mum Fit Wonder offers a range of classes to suit all fitness levels, needs and life stages

  • Personal Training

    “A fantastic all round trainer for anyone looking to get into shape. With a combination of tailored nutritional advice and regular HIIT classes, Lauren helped me to shed a serious amount of baby weight gradually across 7-8 months.”
    Elicia Nairn, Mum of one

  • Mum and Baby

    “Lauren has helped me get back in to shape after having my third child. I would highly recommend her - she's a diamond.”
    Emma Collins, Mum of three

  • Pound™

    “Lauren is not only a lovely person but also an excellent teacher. Her Pound fit classes are so much fun! Very well structured and explained, which makes them really easy to follow and enjoy. If you're looking for a great workout, bit of fun and everything in between, I couldn't recommend Lauren's classes more!”
    Magdalena Kordon, Mum of two

  • Active Parents & Tots

    “Lauren's energy and bubbly personality make even the toughest work outs a laugh. 
    She's great at coming up with ways to incorporate the kids into her sessions while still giving us mum's a chance to burn some calories. And Pound is probably the best class I've ever done!”
    Lyndsey Walton, Mum of two

  • Saturday Classes

    “Great, well-timed, local, friendly HIIT classes with a lovely, enthusiastic teacher! Am signing up again for the course in January”
    Anna Hargreaves, Mum of two

  • Mum and Baby

    “Lauren is a passionate and professional instructor. Her classes are great fun and I would highly recommend them!”
    Chetna Solanki, Mum of one

  • Pound™

    “I cannot recommend Lauren's classes enough. Her Pound class is by far the best exercise class I've ever done. Lauren's passion & love for exercise and fitness shines through and boy do you ache the next day.”
    Danielle Ward-Smith, Mum of two

  • Active Parents & Tots

    “I have a very active boy and it's been difficult to find an active class he likes...until Laurens toddler class! He loves the class, really engages and it's a lot of fun for both of us. It's a really hard work out (in a good way!) so it's fantastic to be able to combine getting fit with entertaining a toddler. Am hoping to try some evening classes too”
    Rachel Stubberfield, Mum of two

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