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Mum Fit Wonder offers a range of classes to suit all fitness levels, needs and life stages

  • Personal Training

    “A fantastic all round trainer for anyone looking to get into shape. With a combination of tailored nutritional advice and regular HIIT classes, Lauren helped me to shed a serious amount of baby weight gradually across 7-8 months.”
    Elicia Nairn, Mum of one

  • Mum and Baby

    “Lauren has helped me get back in to shape after having my third child. I would highly recommend her - she's a diamond.”
    Emma Collins, Mum of three

  • Pound™

    “Lauren is not only a lovely person but also an excellent teacher. Her Pound fit classes are so much fun! Very well structured and explained, which makes them really easy to follow and enjoy. If you're looking for a great workout, bit of fun and everything in between, I couldn't recommend Lauren's classes more!”
    Magdalena Kordon, Mum of two

  • Active Parents & Tots

    “Lauren's energy and bubbly personality make even the toughest work outs a laugh. 
    She's great at coming up with ways to incorporate the kids into her sessions while still giving us mum's a chance to burn some calories. And Pound is probably the best class I've ever done!”
    Lyndsey Walton, Mum of two

  • Saturday Classes

    “Great, well-timed, local, friendly HIIT classes with a lovely, enthusiastic teacher! Am signing up again for the course in January”
    Anna Hargreaves, Mum of two

  • Mum and Baby

    “Lauren is a passionate and professional instructor. Her classes are great fun and I would highly recommend them!”
    Chetna Solanki, Mum of one

  • Pound™

    “I cannot recommend Lauren's classes enough. Her Pound class is by far the best exercise class I've ever done. Lauren's passion & love for exercise and fitness shines through and boy do you ache the next day.”
    Danielle Ward-Smith, Mum of two

  • Active Parents & Tots

    “I have a very active boy and it's been difficult to find an active class he likes...until Laurens toddler class! He loves the class, really engages and it's a lot of fun for both of us. It's a really hard work out (in a good way!) so it's fantastic to be able to combine getting fit with entertaining a toddler. Am hoping to try some evening classes too”
    Rachel Stubberfield, Mum of two

Mum HIIT Wonder classes

mumhiitwonder-icons-active_totsActive Mums & Tots

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Mummies with Babies and Preschoolers.

Get a workout and bring along your kids. Separate play area will be set up for kids although the class will be geared towards group exercise and activities.

Classes will be themed so activities are engaging for kids and fun for the parents whilst they get a sweat on! These classes will improve overall physical fitness levels but most importantly set your kids up for leading a healthy and active lifestyle and make you really great role models for them!

Terms & Conditions apply.

Class Times: 10am Fridays
Class Location*: Eddie Catz Wimbledon, Colliers Wood (SW19 2LP)

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Block Booking Class Passes covers any of my Pound®, Family Fit, Mum and Baby or Mum-to-be classes.

mumhiitwonder-icons-rock_n_strollMum & Baby

Rock N Stroll  – Baby-wearing Fitness to Music
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Postnatal Fitness for Mummies with babies.

Bring your babes. Postnatal indoor exercise to music for new Mums eager to regain their fitness levels after giving birth. Classes are catered to Mum’s level of fitness and postnatal stage. A mixture of cardio, strength and pelvic/core toning exercises, as well as cool down stretches. Classes are catered to involve incorporation of baby carriers or wraps. (Fornessi baby wraps are available for use during class).

If using, please familiarise yourselves with the wraps ahead of the class: Fornessi Video Tutorials

Terms & Conditions apply.

Class times: 10am on Wednesdays
Class locations: Kung Fu Schools
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Packages cover any of my Pound®, Family Fit, Mind Body HIIT or Mum & Baby classes.

MIND BODY FIT – Pausing from 1st April

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Indoor Group Fitness Workout followed by Stretch and Tone exercises using Yoga and Pilates principles.

Bring along your baby for a postnatal fitness class that focuses on a half hour all over body workout as well as stretching and pelvic and core conditioning through a blend of yoga and pilates techniques. The class is designed to build back your strength and fitness levels in a welcoming environment for you and your  baby. 

Terms & Conditions apply.

Class times: 11am on Mondays
Class location: Kung Fu Schools (15 Beacon Grove, Carshalton)
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LAUNCH DATE: 20th November

Packages cover any of my Pound®, Family Fit, or Mind  Body HIIT classes.

mumhiitwonder-icons-grown_up_fitSaturday HIIT

Class currently on hold

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HIIT & Yoga all rolled in to one class!

Try out this HIIT class with a twist. 30 minutes of high intensity workout to maximise fat burn and increase cardiovascular fitness followed by 30 minutes of yoga and pilates moves designed to increase flexibility, as well as to build muscular strength and core stability. This class is an all round workout that focuses the mind and body for optimum performance.

Class times: 9:00am on Saturdays
Class Locations: Carshalton Park (SM5 3DD) 
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Package covers any of my Mum-to-be, Family Fit, Mum and Baby or Pound® classes.


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Every Monday night

Join the craze and come along to this fun and energetic pounding evening exercise class. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND® transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.

POUND workouts combine the art of drumming with a full-body workout taking moves from Pilates, HIIT, and strength training leaving you feeling energised and toned. The main feature of this workout is your very own ‘Ripstix’ (drumstick) that you use throughout the workout to add an extra element of fun. The workout is easily modifiable and appeals to men and women of all ages and abilities.

What are the benefits of POUND workouts?

  • Strengthen and sculpt muscles
  • Improve your rhythm, timing, speed and endurance
  • High intensity cardio workout to burn fat
  • Good stress and anxiety reliever

Terms & Conditions apply.

Class times: 7:45pm on Mondays (may occasionally take place on Tuesdays)  
Class Locations: Old Walcountians Sports Club (SM7 3HU) 
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Packages cover any of my Mum-to-be, Family Fit, Mum and Baby or Mind Body HIIT classes.

mumhiitwonder-icons-family_fitFamily Fit

Currently not running until 2018
Saturdays between April & October

Time for some family fitness bonding! Mums, Dads, Boys & Girls are all welcome…work out as a family on the weekends,will include team sports, races and circuit exercises for the WHOLE family. Can also include a tag-in,tag-out system for parents with toddlers.

45 minute outdoor classes are designed for you and your family members to join in the fun and will encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for all.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Class times: 9:00am Saturdays
Class Locations: Oaks Park enclosed area
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Packages cover any of my Pound®, Mum-to-be, Mum and Baby or Mind Body HIIT classes.

Personal Training

As well as classes, Mum Fit Wonder also offers one on one personal training sessions as well as family or group sessions suited to all fitness levels, health goals and personal specifications. All personal training packages include a FREE consultation, a 6 or 12 week plan and a nutritional guide.

Each of the training programmes is tailor-made to suit your needs and involves a variety of exercises which will progress week on week to meet your goals. Individual sessions are with Lauren can take place at your home, an agreed venue, or in a local park.

Package 6 sessions 12 sessions
Weight loss/General Fitness/Event Training £162 £306
Mum-to-be/Mum & Baby/Mum & Child £162 £306
Couple/Family Fitness £210 £360
Pound 1 on 1 £156 £276
Skype or FaceTime £138 £264
Group (up to 6) £216 £366

Mum Fit Wonder also offers individual sessions, workout plans and nutritional guides that are easy to follow and fit in with your life as a busy Mum! Please email for available slots.

One off PT session: £35

Phone consultation with personalised 30 day workout and nutritional plan: £60

7 day Blitz – HIIT workout and food plan: £15

My Classes