Parents & Tots
Mummies with Babies and Preschoolers

Thursdays Outdoors. Fridays Online.

Online – 30 mins class.

Outdoor – 45 mins class for Mums, Buggies & Tots.

On-demand weekly workout, posted each Friday. Outdoor fitness each Thursday.

Get a workout and bring along your kids. 

Online classes include nursery rhymes and fun activities that are engaging for kids and fun for the parents, followed by circuits and cool down.

Outdoor classes include group activity and circuits in the enclosure.

These classes will improve overall physical fitness levels but most importantly set your kids up for leading a healthy and active lifestyle and make you really great role models for them!

Terms & Conditions apply.

Outdoor Class Times: 9:30 Thursdays
Class Location*: Oaks Park Enclosure (SM7 3BA)