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Is it better to train for HIIT or endurance?

 People often ask the question, which is better? Short intense bursts of activity, otherwise known as HIIT (high intensity interval training)  or longer endurance sessions otherwise known as cardiovascular training. 

The answer really lies in what you are trying to achieve. As a personal trainer, it’s important to prescribe exercise based on what the individual client is looking to gain, what their current level of fitness is, any injuries and conditions they may have, if they’re working towards an event like a triathlon, and what type of fitness they actually enjoy. After all, when it comes to HIIT I’ve learned it can be split into two camps of people. When I set up my fitness business, I actually started under the name Mum HIIT Wonder.

Not only was it a catchy name but I had personally found these short bursts fitted in with my life as a Mum and I saw the benefits in terms of energy and strength as well as physique after having children. HIIT had become somewhat of a revelation to me and I wanted to share that with other Mums, igniting a passion in others for quick, simple and convenient workouts. However, after a year working under this moniker, I realised it was actually putting some Mums off as they were a little wary of embarking on anything so intense. As I was no longer a One HIIT Wonder, offering various modifications and other forms of fitness, I changed my business name to Mum Fit Wonder which also seemed to be less initimidating and divisive as I found HIIT had a potential to be.

To get a clearer picture of both, let’s break down the two types of training. Read more in my latest 220 feature