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The Best Health Checks for Women

With the news that “bold and radical” action is needed to help our beleaguered NHS, it is hardly surprising that people are actively avoiding their regular check ups with the GP at the moment. Unless it’s an urgent case, the general impression is it’s best to avoid going to the GP right now. 

Considering we have always been told to put our health first, this is a worrying trend that we are now putting it on the backburner. More worrying still that some would rather not know for fear of long waits and lack of proper care further down the road. 

But we all know that getting the right check ups at the right time can very often be life saving. Regular check ups are crucial, especially if you are concerned or have noticed something unusual. The longer things are left untreated and undiagnosed, the worse the case becomes. And the more of these cases, the more pressure on the NHS ultimately so best to get those check ups booked into your diary rather than put it off.

So what check ups should we be prioritising, when, how often and why?  Read my 220 article for more