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Keep On Going

Four weeks ago the four walls around me fell down whilst another four around me closed up. It’s a scenario none of us would have ever have imagined six or even three months ago. But here we are four weeks on and we are learning to deal with our new reality. We are learning every day. To do our jobs differently, to try to teach our kids, to build new relationships with our family, to socialise differently, shop differently, and communicate differently. Our strongest power is to build communities and adapt to new circumstances. So that is what we are doing. Adapting and building every day. Do we get it right every day? No. Are we happy every day? No. Are we losing our minds some days? Yes. But that’s only natural. We have never been in this situation before. Much like becoming a parent for the first time we have to take each day as it comes. And each day we will get more and more used to our new world and more able to survive in order to keep others safe.

What is helping me through this time is being able to offer the service and platform I have to others and to offer a small amount of normality and a reason to smile during these dark times. I started this business to build a community for new mothers to help them after being thrust into the world of parenthood so they don’t lose sight of who they are and to welcome them back into the world of fitness in a safe environment for themselves and their children. I know firsthand that regular exercise can heal so much and can give you a sense of purpose when life can become overwhelming. So right now, I’m trying not to lose sight of who I am either, or my purpose. And for however long this lockdown lasts, I will keep on going. Keep on sharing, moving, smiling, dancing and challenging. Below is my weekly schedule of online classes if you would like to join one of my classes.

All Zoom classes are now available to book online here. Free workouts and classes are available on my social pages: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel

Peace, health and love to all. Lauren x