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Cheeriness despite the dreariness

So here we are, a rainy day forcing me to cancel this week’s outdoor class but down not out… instead I record a 15 minute HIIT session for Mums to do at home and follow it up with the scheduled lunchtime Rock Bands 🤘〰️ (my own unique class format using

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Going Online

Thank you so much to all of those who have followed, supported, messaged. It is not an easy time for the self-employed or small business owners but you have kept me smiling, focused and busy!! I am slowly but surely getting through the list of people who want zoom links

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Do Something You Enjoy!

I was at the top of my running game when my knee problems began back in 2009. I had built myself up to the marathon and ran it in 3:46. It was one of the proudest moments of my life. But that September, whilst out on a run, my knee

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2019 summer

Welcome to Mum Fit Wonder!

Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting my page. I am now officially back into the swing of things from maternity leave and running the following in the Sutton and Purley area: Pound Fitness classes on Monday evenings, 1-to-1 and group personal training sessions with 6 and 12 week tailored programmes, Mum

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We are One!

As ever, I am committed to keeping things fresh. Whether that’s new routines, exercises, music, games, equipment, and of course new formats and venues!!

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Caring is what counts

Everything we are brought up to believe in, even from a young age, is that it’s better to be unified in carrying out acts of solidarity and kindness, than to be alone and gutlessly inflicting pain on others.

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