What’s coming up with Mum Fit Wonder…

Cheeriness despite the dreariness

So here we are, a rainy day forcing me to cancel this week’s outdoor class but down not out… instead I record a 15 minute HIIT session for Mums to do at home and follow it up with the scheduled lunchtime Rock Bands 🤘〰️ (my own unique class format using resistance bands to choreographed moves). By 1pm I’m a bit of a sweaty mess with wild hair. 🤪
I use this opportunity to share some news on how Mum Fit Wonder is doing, so I post a little update on Instagram…and here’s the gist of it. Although the weather and the news, let’s face it, are a bit bleak at the moment I feel like there are genuinely new and exciting things taking place every week at the moment for the business. 👏
My website can now offer transactional bookings which means clients can choose from an online package, an in-person package, or an all inclusive package which covers everything including tips and recipes. Clients can also book their spot in the in-person classes which means I can keep track of numbers way more easily.👍 
This time last year I was flying from pillar to post with all the work I was taking on, both freelance and personally, but now I feel am able to fully focus on delivering a really varied, flexible fitness package for Mums which they can fit around work, naptimes, and school trips. 
I currently do 10 really different workouts a week both online and in- person, from Circuits, Family Fitness, Pound, Stretch & Tone, Prenatal Workouts, to short 15 minute activity sessions for little tots. I’m getting more and more confident with the Zumba choreo and I should, fingers crossed, be ready to record my first class for the online members group within the next week. Zumba will be a fun and carefree dance-like-no-one-is-watching in your living room nice addition to the mix so can’t wait to share it with everyone. And finally, I’m super excited to announce that I have now signed on to Boxercise so should hopefully have that nailed within the next month as well 🙌. 
My Mum and Baby Indoor (Rock n Stroll) class is growing with new faces every week, I now have 10 PT clients across the week, and I’m organising a charity event for Pound to raise money for Breast Cancer Now 🎀, you can join in online, in person or do it on demand for free, all I ask is that you donate. There will be Halloween tracks in the class as well as pink fizz and treats for after.🥂🍰 
It’s safe to say I am not putting my feet up at the moment, and I am making plans and learning ALL the time, but I believe in what I do, I have passion for what I do and I love my job and clients. Can’t ask for more than that on a rainy day in October really.😆