What’s coming up with Mum Fit Wonder…

December Update

Hello everyone! Out of Lockdown 2.0 and lots to update you all on so I’ll try to keep it as short and succinct as I can…🤔😜
Firstly, indoor classes and sessions have now resumed (woop!). A lot of clients can’t do home workouts for several different reasons so to be able to offer my in-person classes back to them is amazing news 👏! Mondays Mum & Baby Rock n Stroll 9:50am at the Centre Wallington , Mondays PT Group 7:45pm at Wallington Baptis Church, and Wednesdays Pound 7:50pm (also livestreamed) at Wallington Baptist Church are now all back on. 🙌
Secondly, the MFW December Members Group has now started with access to over 40 in-person, live streaming, on-demand workouts every month. And NOW you also have exclusive access to the MFW library…I upload new videos every week for you to follow in your own time. Choose from Pound, Circuits, Zumba, Pregnancy Pilates and Bump Fit, 15 minute HIIT/TABATA with modifications for prenatal and postnatal, 15 minutes Wonder Tots for the little ones, Family Fit, Rock Bands, and Stretch & Tone as well as going to the local in-person classes. To sign up click here www.mumfitwonder.com
Next up, the MFW clothing range is going strong. I’m a little bit addicted, I’ve just added sweatpants, have designed new leggings, sports bras and babygrows. You can find them all at mumfitwonder.com/shop 
Lastly, always looking to the future! 
🥊My Boxercise instructor license has been pushed back due to the covid lockdown so hoping to finish this by end of the month. 
🏠We are also looking to a possible indoor space where I can continue filming and personal training from home in the new year. 
🆕️ January, how you are so dull and dreary…I hate that my birthday falls in this month sometimes. But this year we have plans. We are going to do a 28 day reset starting on Monday 4th January. 28 days. 28 live or on-demand workouts, one a day – UPPER BODY, CARDIO OR HIIT, LOWER BODY, CORE, AND STRETCH. 28 day meal and snack planner. Facebook private community to keep us all motivated and 28 day access to my video library. £28 to join, that’s £1 a day. 28% off early bird offer expires, wait for it, 28th December. The theme is clearly 28. Shame its not my age. 😕
Get in touch to join the 28 day MFW Reset!! Together we can do this 💪